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Chris McCoy (@chrisamccoy)Creator at $STORE, CEO at Footprint,
Curator at Data4America

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Our Friends —

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Nate Lubin

Former Director of the Office of Digital Strategy at the White House and Director of Digital Marketing at Obama for America. Political Science @Harvard.

Garrett Johnson

Co-founder of YCombinator-backed @SendHub, Co-founder of the non-profit @Lincoln Initiative, helped architect @Startup Visa Act, Professional staff member @U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Rhodes Scholar @Oxford, 2006 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Shot Put Championship @Florida State

Christopher Nicholson
Partner @Venture Politics.
Kim-Mai Cutler
Technology Journalist, TechCrunch, public policy and tech wonk
Craig Montuori
Partner @Venture Politics, Executive Director @Global EIR Coalition, Engineering & Applied Science (Aerospace) @Caltech. Craig fixes visa problems for founders.
Patrick Ruffini
@EchelonInsights & Founder @engagedc
Antone Johnson
Startup lawyer @Bottom Line Law Group, former VP Counsel @eHarmony, Original Counsel @MySpace, Guest Contributor @TechCrunch, @WSJ, @Forbes
Gillian Morris
Founder @hitlist_app. Contributor @harvardbiz.
Ceslee Montgomery
Data Scientist @Pebble. Affiliate @DataGuild + engagedIN. @Stanford ‘14.
Benjamin Wellington
Open Data Story Teller @IQuantNY. Teach @PrattInstitute. Contributor @NewYorker. Analyst @twosigma. Ph.D. in NLP from NYU.
Horace Dediu
Founder @Asymco.com. Fellow @Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Host @The Critical Path podcast.
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Astrophysicist turned Data Scientist @Hired_HQ. Formerly @Chegg, @InstaEDU, @Yammer & @Microsoft. Blogger @AAS_Women & @AstroBetter.
Nicole Alexander
Founder @Promoteleadership, Major @USArmy, UW Husky alumni, Working Mom and believer in the power of collaboration and networks to attack complex problems
Abe Stanway
Data scientist @McKinsey. Previously data @Etsy, founder @Hackerleague
Robert Manduca
Sociology PhD student @Harvard. Recent alum @MITdusp. Former fellow @DSSG.
Jesse Thomas
VP of Product @Crowdpac. @BarackObama alumn 2008/2012, Former Digital Director @NextGenClimate and Deputy Director of Interactive @USAID.
Bert Kaufman
Former Senior Advisor @CommerceGov; Co-Founder @BusinessForward; Founding Board Member @PressPassMentor
Tatsiana Maskalevich
Data Science @Stitch Fix, Statistics @Foothill, Speaker, enjoy taking data from numbers to stories.
Jay Wacker
Ontology Architect @Quora. Consulting Physics Professor @Stanford.
Tess Cheatle
Digital advertising and analytics @Amazon. Formerly @Microsoft & @POSSIBLE. Data enthusiast. Pizza connoisseur.
Elissa Redmiles
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science @University of Maryland. Former Data Science for Social Good Fellow @UChicago; Former Marketing Manager @IBM. Founder of 501©(3) org. The Baby Blanket Project.
Sam Drzymala
Digital Director for @CoryBooker. Formerly Obama 08, @ClaireCMC, @American_Bridge. Helps nurture and grow powerful communities.
Charles Belle
PolicyHacker & Raumdeuter, Founder @StartupPolicy Work w/startups+ .Gov to support innovation NonRez Fellow @StanfordCIS & @CTSPBerkeley http://GovDex.org
Ganesh Iyer
Analytics @Stubhub. Formerly consultant @MuSigma. Stathead. Avid learner. Soccer and cricket fan.
Andrew Trabulsi
Author  @Warlords, Inc., Writer@ The Economist Group, Consultant @Institute for the Future
Waylin Ross
Founder @ParaLobby.com. Economics professor @NVCC. Director of Advocacy & Legislative Affairs @NationalUrbanLeagueYP.
Renee Diresta
Current biz dev @Haven. Former VC @O'Reilly. Former trader @Jane Street. Helped sponsor and provide data science to the SB277 bill signed by the CA governor.
Scott Adelson
Award-winning communicator @Adelson & Associates, Co-Founder/CGO @Flypside, Co-Founder/President @Signal Media Project, @Columnist, EcoSalon.
Cyan Banister
CEO @Zivity, Co-Founder @Signal Media Project, Angel Investor, Philanthropist.
Kyle Wiley
Development Officer @Heritage. @CKInstitute Koch Associate Alumni. @DallasYR Vice President. @VanguardPAC Member/Development
Tim Urban
Co-founder and writer/illustrator at @waitbutwhy
Britt Crawford
Using analytics to make college more affordable @rafter.com. Reformed programmer.
Ramez Naam
Author @Nexus trilogy. Author @The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet. Teacher @Singularity U. Energy innovation advocate.
Theron Tingstad
Biz dev @Green Sheep Water. @University of Chicago Booth School of Business ‘16. @Harvard Kennedy School ‘14. Entrepreneur. Airborne Ranger. All-American boxer.
Gerrard Albo
Mixing Engineer
Credits: Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Emeli Sande, Noah Cyrus, Alanis Morisette, Corinne Bailey Ray, A-HA, Pendulum, Leona Lewis, Anastacia, Pati Smith, Tom Jones, Sia, Mazzy Star, Alex Clare, Roisin Murphy, Robyn, Basement Jaxx, Zero 7, Perry Farrell, Belle & Sebastian, Alexis Jordan, Morten Harket, Daniel Merriweather, Steps Ahead, The Yellowjackets, Katria Labeque, Charlie Haden, McCoy Tyner, Roy Ayers, George Duke, Madeleine Peyroux, Dionne Warwick, Betty Carter, Jimmy Smith, Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra...etc

Why Data4America, why now

Partisan bias is an an all-time high in America. You can see it in the voting patterns of Congress.

Data4America is a made up of a team of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents committed to bridging data and conversations to help advance the understanding of policy -- as a nonpartisan and nonprofit initiative.

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