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Standing at the Intersection of Technology and Democracy with Bradley Tusk

A 37-minute conversation between Bradley Tusk and Chris McCoy on a Biden presidency, remote work, philantropy, and more.

How to Solve the Rising Cost of Urban Living, Starting in San Francisco with Scott Wiener

A 40-minute conversation between Scott Wiener and Chris McCoy on the future of housing and transportation in the Bay Area

Data4America Live: A Roundtable on Media Bias, Tech Regulation, and Data Privacy

Keith is a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Khosla Ventures. He was a part of the early team at PayPal and has held executive positions at Linkedin, Slide, and Square.

Musings on the Role of Technology in Education Reform with Michael Gibson

An 84-minute conversation between Michael Gibson and Chris McCoy on regulation, education reform, and his time at the Thiel Foundation

Our Data Stories

The 2020 Election has already had significant analysis about the results, and there will be much better work coming in early 2021. There has, though, been little analysis so far on how this fits into long-term political
trends in the United States. Here is one initial view of where 2020 fits into the larger trajectory of our democracy.

How the States were Ratified as Population Grew Westward - from 1787 to 2010


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