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America hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War. To solve this, it’s time to embrace purple.

America isn’t red or blue. It’s purple. Using a purple nonpartisan lens, Data4America is curating and creating data-driven content to help advance the understanding of the most divisive issues facing our country–because data does not lie about what our challenges and opportunities are.

We publish “Unplugged”, a podcast with leaders at the intersection of industry and policy.

Unplugged is hosted by a series of leaders across technology and public policy. Guests share their views on America’s current direction as it relates to the key issues facing our country.
July 20, 2016

How to Solve the Rising Cost of Urban Living, Starting in San Francisco with Scott Wiener

Hosted by:
Kim-Mai Cutler
July 20, 2016

Automation Displacement, Education Reform and a New Take on Universal Basic Income with Bradley Tusk

Hosted by:
Chris McCoy

We curate and create data-driven content to help advance understanding of the complex and controversial issues dividing us today.

Content is created by leading researchers. Submissions are reviewed and edited by Data4America before being curated and posted on the site.
September 9, 2020

Population Growth and
the Changing Electoral College

A data-driven visualization

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How D4A curator Chris McCoy views public policy

From coal mines to computing inside two generations, learn about how Chris views public policy. In short, it's purple.

We have more in common than we realize, yet we're fiercely divided by red and blue. It's time to embrace our purple.

We're not as divided as we think. Beneath the surface of red and blue, we have shared values and common ground — our “purple.”

Purple isn't just a mix of red and blue; it's a symbol of our collective strength. When we look beyond labels and listen to each other, we discover where we can make real progress.