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A 37-minute conversation between Bradley Tusk and Chris McCoy on a Biden presidency, remote work, philantropy, and more.

A 40-minute conversation between Scott Wiener and Chris McCoy on the future of housing and transportation in the Bay Area

Keith is a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Khosla Ventures. He was a part of the early team at PayPal and has held executive positions at Linkedin, Slide, and Square.

An 84-minute conversation between Michael Gibson and Chris McCoy on regulation, education reform, and his time at the Thiel Foundation

Our Data Stories

How the States were Ratified as Population Grew Westward - from 1787 to 2010

Data and math can’t always separate truth from fiction. But even in the face of uncertainty, they can often separate plausible from ridiculous. For example, if you say we should eliminate the income tax and pay for it by cutting defense spending by 50%, I can collect the data, add up the numbers, and ask you what you’re going to do about the other $1 trillion in lost revenue.


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